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eduroam FE workshops and Microsoft NPS

Update (17/04/2018) We have now published an updated v0.5 of the eduroam (UK) Microsoft NPS Configuration Guide on the Jisc community site. Update (12/03/2018) An updated draft v0.3 of the eduroam(UK) Microsoft Network Policy Server guide is now available.   This covers configuring your own Standalone Certificate Authority, which is the preferred approach.   We will be moving to a final … Read more

Transforming the business: A Jisc Information Strategy Blog by David Reeve

Over the last few months our small information strategy team has been starting to deliver on the transformational enterprise information strategy and its principles of; being safe with our information, being smarter with our information and using the right tools, policies and processes to deliver on the other two principles.  The team has been applying … Read more

Is your organisation Wi-Fi a security incident waiting to happen?

Working for Jisc means that I’m increasingly on-the-road, which inevitably makes me a user of more and more Wi-Fi Hotspots; whether they be at the offices, campus or buildings of our Jisc members, at hotels, cafes, or on public transport. I continue to be surprised at the compromises that are being made to deliver Wi-Fi, either compromising security, … Read more

Walled garden for on-boarding user devices to eduroam – Technical deployment guide

One of the key barriers in successful deployment of eduroam, is around ensuring that users are adequately supported. 802.1x/WPA2 Enterprise configuration on the majority of devices is a little more complex than PSK-based Wireless solutions, which users are familiar with at home. As a result there is a need for on-boarding tools to be made … Read more

Looking back down the road

Re-posted from Brian Kelly’s Institutional Web Mangers Workshop (IWMW) blog—prepared on the occasion of IWMW’s 20th anniversary A brief look back down the road About this guest post I’ve known Brian Kelly for about 30 years. He is one of those guys with whom I feel instantly at home, with half a universe of common … Read more

There is a new version of the international standard for records management (ISO 15489-1:2016)

Time to rejoice! A new version of the international standard for records management BS ISO15489-1:2016 has been released by the International Organization for Standardization and has been adopted as a British Standard a couple of months ago. A revision has been long awaited since the first version of this popular standard came out in 2001. … Read more

The past, present and future of Freedom of Information in Higher Education

The results of the 11th annual information legislation and management survey were published last week. They show that for the first time since the survey’s beginnings in 2005 the number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests that Higher Education institutions (HEIs) receive has slightly decreased from a yearly average of 218 per institution in 2014 … Read more